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Mathematics, Principles of Accounts
BSc (Hons) Accounting
I am very much interested and enthusiastic in teaching as it gives me a ?hands? on experience. It allows me to come into contact with young people whom I can actually guide and impart knowledge in them which I have gained from my education for the past number of years. In fact, I have always been supportive of the notion that teaching moulds the future of the nation. It is the young people whom are studying in various institutions currently will become the future leaders of the country. It is teachers and potential teachers like me whom lay the strong foundation in the lives of the younger generation from the beginning. Apart from spending time with their parents at home, the second home for all students would be the educational institution which they are studying in. As such, I would be able to bear, with pride, the responsibility of cultivating and nurturing good values into the students. Concurrently, I would also be able to satiate their doubts which may arise on the subjects that I am teaching. That will prove to be an invaluable experience to me as it will enable me to have a better understanding of the subject I am teaching as well as help me to build a stronger rapport between the students and myself rnThe skills that will enable me to be an effective teacher will be, first and foremost, the high degree of patience instilled in me when it comes to teaching students. That shall be followed by my strong and sound understanding of the subject that I am going to teach(In my case, that shall be mathematics).Other skills would be the meticulous teaching approaches I undertake to ensure that the students have a good grasp of the intended subject. Most importantly, I want to make sure that I give in 100% of my effort when teaching the students rnBack in my home country (Singapore), I have given private tuition to a number of students on Mathematics and Principles of Accounts from the commencement of 1998.The students which I have been teaching range from ages 9 to 16.I have been doing this mostly on a part time basis in addition to my studies that I was pursuing in Singapore. During vacations, I undertake more tuition assignments on a full time basis. In all of these tuition assignments undertaken by me, I have been paid a reasonable amount that relates to prevailing market rates at that time.
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Ich bevorzuge Unterricht vor Ort, schließe Onlineunterricht aber nicht aus.
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